The Stand Tall Podcast

A chat with Clyde Campbell. Founder of the Shake it up Foundation.

April 18, 2020

I  first met Clyde more than 3 years ago. Soon after I was dx with Parkinson’s Clyde came over to my house and we sat together discussing what this new stage of life means. This is just the kind of man Clyde is. A positive beam of light for Parkinson’s people and their families. Clyde was diagnosed 10 years ago. He went straight to the most well know Parkinson’s person, MJ Fox and together with MJ Fox’s backing Clyde set up the Shake it up Foundation.

What makes the shake it up foundation so unique is that 100% of all donations go towards slowing down, stopping and finding a cure. At present, the shake it up foundation is at the research cutting edge.

Clyde is also an engineer in robotics. He has the uncanny ability to deconstruct problems and he has been able to apply his engineering background to the research of PD.

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