The Stand Tall Podcast

Karate and security expert Scott Brown. One powerful guy.

April 5, 2020

One of Australia’s leading pioneers in Australian Karate, Scott Brown’s name is synonymous  with authentic Japanese Martial Arts. Scott spent many years training in Japan and through his hunger for knowledge in the dojo and in the tournament arena has remained an influencer to many people including myself. Scott has been one of the few martial artists that have taken their training and experience to the front line. As the owner of Strong Security, Scott has honed his fighting ability and now has an extensive knowledge on the reality of armed and un armed combat.

I first met Scott at a competition in Sydney, His aura filled the room and to say that I was intimidated was an understatement. He was one powerful dude. But when I first spoke with him, he was gentle and eloquent. A true Budo warrior that walked with poise and his ego firmly in check. Over the years Scott and I have become close friends, sharing the journey into meditation whilst retaining the martial arts spirit.

Today I am speaking with Scott whilst he looks over Sydney’s Darling Harbour in the first week of enforced quarantine after returning from teaching seminars around the world.

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